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Alan Bonney

Passed On: May 25, 1967

On 25 May 1967 a patrol from 3rd Plt, C/1/327th Infantry was ambushed. Ten men died:

42nd Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
SGT Gary A. Rathbun, Cosmos, MN (Bronze Star "V")
C Co, 1st Bn, 327th Infantry
1LT Benjamin G. Wells, Madison, AL
SFC Edward L. Tieman, Carlinville, IL (Silver Star)
SSG Alfred G. Kircher, Ozone Park, NY
SP4 Leonard A. Enos, Scottsdale, AZ
SP4 Joe A. Funk, Wellsburg, WV
SP4 Peter J. Gerspach, Eggertsville, NY
PFC Alan W. Bonney, Easton, PA
PFC Terry A. Harding, Vallejo, CA
PFC Edward M. McMullan, New York, NY

In addition, Sergeant Rathbun's German shepard was killed in the action, and the dog's body was brought out with the men he served. According to one report, he was killed while mauling an NVA soldier - and had a piece of the soldier in his mouth when he was brought in. Some reports give the dog's name as "Thunder", but the Vietnam Dog Handlers' Association shows only one dog killed on 25 May 1967 - Rex, tag number 8X60.

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